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I've been making end-to-end apps since 2006. That's like a lot in Internet-years.

Thanks for dropping by! Have a look at my best work, and feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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My Best Work

CarIQ Mobile App Design

Your car, connected to your world

Director of Product @CarIQ

Head of Design, Product Management, Digital Marketing

CarIQ is India's first connected car platform. Cars are an important part of our lives. CarIQ brings a new connected way towards driving and maintaining your car. CarIQ connects your car to the Internet, enabling you with anytime access to status, vehicle data, location and advanced analytics.

Co-founding CarIQ, heading the Product & Design, over four years worth of exposure to startup nuances and some roller-coaster experiences has left long-lasting impressions about the startup world.

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Enabling Hotels with Technology to delight guests

CTO @CheckInn

Platform, Frontend, Product, DevOps, UX, Design & Branding

CheckInn digitizes the way hotels work. CheckInn allows guests to create requests from their smartphones, and the hotels to manage them from their departments. From requesting an airport pick up to ordering a bottle of water from their rooms, CheckInn makes it easier for hotel guests with technology.

Between Co-founding CheckInn, heading Technology, hours of caffeine-to-code conversions, hotel visits and the exposure to the warmth of the hospitality industry, this has been one hell of a ride!

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CheckInn Partner Hotels
Uppcoming Mascot

Art transcends boundaries. Connect over Cinema.

MovieBuff @Uppcoming

Design & Code

Who doesn't love movies? Good movies captivate us, make us think and expand our minds. Uppcoming helps you find the right movie to watch next.

Uppcoming is my dearest pet project that is a confluence of two of my greatest passions - Code & Cinema.

FB Page → (App releasing in March 2018)

And lastly, introducing

A codex (/ˈkoʊdɛks/) (from the Latin caudex for "trunk of a tree" or block of wood, book) is a book constructed of a number of sheets of paper with hand-written contents.

Codex will showcase a series of articles that will help you make world-class projects in under a month. CheckInn and Uppcoming are great examples of what you could build.

Codex is highly-opinionated and tells you exactly what to do from planning to deployment of a super-scalable project, rapidly.

Scalable Modern Platform Architecture
Elegant Code & Architecture

Best-in-class concepts and frameworks that makes both horizontal and vertical scaling a breeze

Slick UI Components
Visually Stunning

All articles will emphasise heavily on usability and neat UI designs. Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.

CheckInn.co Scaling
Build For Scale

Codex focuses on light-weight, yet powerful deployments that ensures you are ready for scale Chart: Stats for CheckInn.co

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