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I'm a self-taught Web Developer with an OCD in making things look clean & beautiful.

I design & I code

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Discover amazing movies made for you

Uppcoming matches your tastes with your friends' and based on the general trends and that of your friends' it helps you decide if that upcoming movie is worth your time and money.

Movie Details

Have private conversations around movies

Have private movie conversations with movie lovers. Get to know friends of friends with similar movie tastes.

Share the movies that you love with your friends.

Seen that movie before your friends did? Recommend it to your friends, so they could have your experience too.

Get the latest scoop on how a movie is faring

Set alerts and get to know that movie you planned to watch is faring at the box office, or how it's perceived by your friends.

Read movie reviews by fellow uppers

Get first hand accounts of the latest movies running in theatres near you, and decide on a movie for the weekend.

Review movies and keep a personal log of movies watched

Keep a detailed log of the movies watched. Let people follow you for your taste in movies.

Hey! Does uppcoming sound slick to you? I'll let you know as soon as it's done

I plan to focus on Uppcoming for a couple of weeks and it'll be ready soon. Share your email ID and I'll send you a closed beta invite as soon as it's ready.


divthemes Thumbnail

Wordpress, PHP

Premium GPL wordpress themes, built using PHP, HTML, CSS and a whole lot of jQuery goodness.

OmniHide Thumbnail

.NET (App), PHP (licensing s/m)

A windows app to hide files inside other files. E.g: A document can be added into a video and the video would play just as good. Over 15,000 downloads and rated 5 stars on Softpedia. Give it a try

Blogulate Thumbnail

Wordpress, Blogging

My very first blog, started in 2007, while in college.
• Peak Alexa Rank 45k
• Peak 5.5k uniques a day
3.7M+ pageviews till date

SiteKic Thumbnail

Design/Hosting Service

A simple way to get great looking websites for yourself. divCube was renamed to SiteKic.
• 30+ live clients
• 70+ sites made

MaaRewa Thumbnail


A guide to the local food joints of India and a place to talk about them. Handling design for the bootstrapped webapp.

thinkdj Thumbnail
Personal Site


My personal space on the web, designed back in 2009. Mentioned on noupe, and many other major design sites for clean, unique design.

LaunchPress Thumbnail

Design, Wordpress, PHP

A Premium Wordpress plugin that lets you gather followers' info before you launch a product. 4.5 stars & 100+ sales on CodeCanyon Cerulean: LP Child theme

Propworthy Thumbnail

Design, Branding

An app to find out the ideal fair rent of an area. Handling design and branding of the webapp. Propworthy

WanderWall Thumbnail


Wanderwall: A Photographer Portfolio Template built using HTML, CSS and jQuery Wanderwall

Playfiks Thumbnail


A webapp to connect you with people who play sport. Playfiks

Zuby Thumbnail

PHP, CodeIgniter

Indian equivalent of Glassdoor, for finding average salaries across cos. in India. Handled End-to-end design and development.
• 500k+ page-views in 9 months

ToiletSurvey SS Thumbnail

Google Maps API, PHP

Find toilets near your area. Prototype for an app, made over a weekend using Google Maps API v3 and Wordpress / PHP. Visit Site

divCube Thumbnail

WP Design & Hosting

Managed website and hosting for custom Wordpress sites.
• 30+ live clients

divPress Thumbnail

Wordpress, Blogging

A blog on Wordpress tips and tricks.

DriodGoggles Thumbnail


An Android App Landing Page Template DriodGoggles


29 NOV 2013

The Plunge: Entrepreneurship

My very first personal blog post (please, please, stop the applause… and the rotten tomatoes). I think I’ll make it a point to blog more actively. It’s been three weeks since I took the plunge and decided to take the entrepreneurship route.
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25 OCT 2013

Site redesign

A redesign had been pending for a while now - four years, to be precise. Managed to cook up this one in less than a day, thanks to great tools like uikit (for grid) and masonry (for project filters). The WP blog is not live at the moment, but I plan to make a minimal theme and start blogging.


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